Toll roads

Toll roads make getting around easier and quicker. They are completely electronic so you don’t need to stop to pay the toll.

You can use an E-way tag to pay.  You can get a tag before you travel or up to 3 days after your first visit.

If you don't organise to pay within 3 days of your first trip you will be issued a notice to pay the toll which will include an administration fee of $10 or $20.

E-way tags work on all Australian toll roads: 


  • M5 South-West Motorway
  • Hills M2 Motorway
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Sydney Harbour Tunnel
  • Lane Cove Tunnel
  • Military Road e-ramps
  • Cross City Tunnel
  • Eastern Distributor
  • Westlink M7
  • The New M4

Melbourne: CityLink and Eastlink


  • Legacy Way Tunnel
  • Go Between Bridge
  • Clem 7 
  • Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges 
  • Gateway Motorway 
  • Logan Motorway 
  • AirportlinkM7 

Once your number plate is listed on your toll account you can do trips without your tag.  There's a small extra fee to cover the cost of matching your number plate to your account.  

Per trip cost Vehicle matching fee (also known as LPN fee)
92 cents AirportlinkM7
75 cents Westlink M7, CityLink
55 cents M5 South-West Motorway, Harbour Bridge/Tunnel, Cross City Tunnel, Hills M2, Lane Cove Motorway, Eastern Distributor, The New M4
47 cents Legacy Way, Go Between Bridge, Clem7, Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges, Gateway & Logan Motorways
29 cents EastLink

Toll costs

Although tags cover all Australian toll roads, each has its own prices and fees. Each toll road also issues its own toll notice.

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