Tag or pass

You need a tag or pass to pay for travel on Australian toll roads.  You can get a tag or pass before you travel, or up to 3 days after your first trip.

Best for repeat toll road travel

  • Electronic device you install on your windscreen

    Automatically charges your trips on any toll road in Australia to your tolling account

    Account lasts as long as you want

    Range of set up and payment options

    No extra ‘vehicle matching fees*’ as long as the tag is correctly installed in your vehicle at time of toll road travel

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If you don't organise to pay within 3 days of your first trip you will be issued a notice to pay the toll which will include an administration fee of $10 or $20.

Sydney vehicle/LPN matching fees


Per trip cost  
75 cents Westlink M7
55 cents Harbour Bridge/Tunnel, Cross City Tunnel, Hills M2, Lane Cove Motorway, Eastern Distributor
55 cents M5 South-West Motorway