NSW Government M5 Cashback & Toll Relief schemes

Two opportunities for cost savings

Use your E-way account to pay your tolls and you could benefit from: 

M5 Cashback Toll relief 

Have your M5 South-West tolls (excluding GST) refunded 

If you've used your toll account to pay NSW tolls adding up to $1300 over one financial year you could be eligible for one free NSW rego renewal (or $780 for half-price rego)*.


To be eligible: 

  • Register for Cashback 
  • Drive on the M5 in a vehicle privately registered in NSW

To be eligible: 

  • Drive on any NSW toll road in a vehicle privately registered in NSW
  • Have your rego listed on your E-way account
Applies to M5 South-West tolls ONLY M5 South-West tolls don't count toward the $1300 spend if you are registered for Cashback

*Further terms and conditions apply.  Visit the NSW Government website for the full set of rules. Find out how to claim Toll Relief.


Find out how to claim Cashback.