How does an E-way tag pay tolls?

How tolls and tags work

There are no cash booths on Australian toll roads. Tag accounts are the simplest solution for paying tolls. They cover travel on any toll road in Australia.

Simply get a tag account, register your number plate to your account, and install your tag.

Motorway toll points

When you pass through the toll point on a toll road, if you have your tag correctly installed in your vehicle it sends a message for the toll to be charged to your account.

If you aren't using a tag, or the tag is not detected, an image of your number plate becomes the message for the toll to be charged to your account. This is called vehicle matching and there is a small extra cost that varies for each motorway.

Tag beeps

Your tag beeps when you pass through a toll point. These beeps help you to manage your account.

Tag sound What it means
One beep or ‘bleep bleep’      Enough credit
More than one beep Your E-way account needs attention. Log in to check your balance or call us on 1300 555 833 as soon as possible.
No sound There may be a problem, check that your tag is installed according to the instructions provided and if the problem persists contact us

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