Toll and tag questions answered

Short cuts:

How to pay for toll roads

  • Q. Are there cash booths to pay for tolls?

    A. There are no cash booths on any toll roads in Australia. E-way tags work on all roads.  Or to pay a once off M5 South-West Motorway toll click here.

  • Q. What toll class /rate will I pay?  

    A. It's different in each state.  See NSW rules for each toll road. QLD and VIC have a range of classes.  See QLD rules.  See VIC rules.

  • Q. I've travelled on a toll road. How do I pay?

    A. For the occasional trip we recommend our Regular account without a tag.  Sign up within three days of your trip.  

  • Q. Can I use my E-way account on the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel?

    A. Yes, E-way accounts work on all toll roads, bridges and tunnels in Australia.

  • Q. Where do E-way tags work?

    A. E-way tags work on all toll roads, bridges and tunnels in Australia.

  • Q. How does tolling work based on number plates (also known as licence plate numbers - LPNs - and car registration numbers)?

    A. Number plate tolling works by matching images of your number plate (licence plate, car registration number) to the details on your E-way account.  An LPN (also known as 'vehicle matching') fee may apply.

  • Q. How long do I have to pay my toll?

    A. You have three days to pay after your trip on a toll road.  After that you will be issued a toll notice that includes a $10 or $20 administration fee.

  • Q. I am planning to visit Sydney for a short period, how do I pay the toll?

    A. We recommend our Regular account, which can be opened with a $20 refundable tag deposit and $40 toll prepayment (covers on average 5 to 10 one-way trips on Sydney toll roads)

  • Q. I drive a motorcycle. Do I need to pay the same toll as a car?

    A. Yes.  The toll rate is the same for a car and a motorcycle as they both occupy a similar length of road space.

  • Q. Where can I find more information about toll roads in Sydney?

    A. Click here to find out more about Sydney’s motorways.

How tags work

  • Q. Which account should I get?

    A. That depends on how often you use toll roads, how many vehicles you have, and how and when you want to pay. Compare our products to choose what suits you best.

  • Q. Are there different tags for cars and trucks (different vehicle classes)?

    A. Yes.  There's a 'car' tag for Class 1 (motorcycle) and Class 2 (car) vehicles. There's a 'truck' tag for Class 4 (heavy vehicles).  There are also different holders depending on whether you have a vertical or sloped windscreen.  

  • Q: How do I know that my E-way tag has worked properly? (What do beeps mean?)

  • Tag sound What it means
    One beep or ‘bleep bleep’      Enough credit
    More than one beep Your E-way account needs attention. Log in to check your balance or call us on 1300 555 833 as soon as possible.
    No sound There may be a problem, check that your tag is installed according to the instructions provided and if the problem persists contact us

    Q: What do I do if my tag did not beep?

    A: This can happen because of a tolling system or tag issue.  Contact us so we can investigate this for you. 

  • Q: What do I do if I think my tag is faulty?

    A: Report your tag as faulty (login and ‘Report tag issues’ or contact us) and we’ll mail you a new one for free.  As soon as you’ve reported the tag as faulty throw it in the general rubbish bin.   

  • Q. How and where can I exchange my tag?

    A: If you need to exchange your tag we'll mail the new one to you.  Report your tag as faulty (login and ‘Report tag issues’ or contact us) and let us know you need a new one.  As soon as you’ve reported the tag as faulty throw it in the general rubbish bin.   

  • Q: Can I move or swap my E-way tag between vehicles?

    A: Yes, you can swap a tag between vehicles of the same class.  Please take care when removing them from the bracket. We recommend you order a tag for each of your vehicles.

  • Q. How do I install or remove my E-way tag?

    A. Click on the picture of the tag that looks like yours for a PDF of installation and removal instructions:

    Old style tag QFree style tag C style tag QFree 2
  • Q: My windscreen has a special coating – where should I install my tag?

    A. If your vehicle has a coated (sometimes called metallic) windscreen, check the manual (or contact the manufacturer or distributor) for the correct position on the windscreen to install your tag.

  • Q: How do I get more or replacement E-way tags?

    A. Simply log into your account and order online, or contact us.

  • Q: How do I get more or replacement E-way brackets and/or adhesive tape?

    A. You can order a bracket and/or adhesive tape online.  Choose 'Tags & Vehicles' and then 'Order Brackets'.  P&H $2.00.

  • Q. What should I do if I lose my E-way tag or it gets stolen?

    A. Log into your account or contact us ASAP to report a tag stolen and order a replacement.

E-way accounts

  • Q. How do pre-paid credit/debit payments work?

    A: You top up automatically – by the amount you’ve specified – when your account balance goes below $20 credit.   

  • Q. How do pre-paid direct debit payments work? 

    A. Your account is topped up automatically when your account balance goes below $20 credit.  If you have a weekly, fortnightly or monthly arrangement (no longer available as a new payment option) a payment is taken on the set date to take your balance back to your agreed limit.    

  • Q. How do Beep 'N Pay credit/debit card payments work?

    A. Auto pay the amount of the toll/s the day after the trip.  

  • Q. How do I update my credit card details online?

    A. Log into your account.  Click 'My details' (left hand menu) and then 'Payment details' (top menu).  Fill in the 'Choose payment method form' and press 'Save'. 

  • Q. Can I request an old statement?

    A. Yes.  First check whether it is available to you when you log into your account.  If not, contact us to order a reprint. A reprint costs $8 and we'll need the start and end date for the period you require.  

  • Q.What should I do if I have a complaint?

    A. Contact us and we will respond to within 24-48 hours.

  • Q: How safe are my personal details online?

    A: E-way does not store credit card information. Your data is protected by the latest encryption technology which prevents data from being accessed by unauthorised users.

  • Q: I didn’t use the "Log Out" option when exiting, is this a threat to the security of my account details?

    A: We recommend that you always logout, however once you have closed your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) you will be logged out automatically. You are also logged out automatically after five minutes of inactivity.  

  • Q. How do I change the name of my E-way account?

    A. Send us documented proof of the change. (a) Personal - Certificate of marriage, divorce or name change, or statutory declaration witnessed by a justice of the peace declaring change of name. (b) Company - Written authorisation on letterhead by primary account holder, or a copy of the certificate of registration on change of name issued by the Australian Securities Commission.  

  • Q. How do I change the account holder of an E-way account from an individual to a company?

    A. Send us documented proof (a) written authorisation from the primary account holder requesting the change of name and (b) signed acceptance from the nominated company authority on company letterhead and (c) a copy of the Certificate of Registration of a Company for the nominated company

  • Q. How do I change the account holder on an E-way account from a company to an individual?

    A. Send us documented proof (a) written authorisation from the company’s primary authority on the account requesting the change of name and (b) signed acceptance from the nominated party.  

  • Q.How can I change the name of an account relating to a deceased estate? 

    A. Please contact us for personalised assistance.  

Getting an account

  • Q. Why choose an E-way account?

    A. An E-way account sets you up to pay for any toll road in Australia. E-way is Australia’s longest running tag provider so you can trust you’ll get the experienced support you need.

  • Q. Which account should I get?

    A. That depends on how often you use toll roads, how many vehicles you have, and how and when you want to pay. Compare our products to choose what suits you best.

  • Q: How long will it take to receive my tag?

    A: 7 - 10 working days, after payment has been received

  • Q: Can I travel on toll roads before I receive my tag?

    A: Yes, although tollroads apply a vehicle matching fee in addition to the toll when travelling without a correctly installed tag.

  • Q: Can I pick-up the tag myself?

    A: No.  Mail delivery will be made to the address on your E-way account.  Log in to check or update your address here.​

  • Q. I drive a motorcycle, do I need to use a tag?

    A. Motorcyclists do not need to carry a tag.  Vehicle matching fees are waived if you have added your motorcycle number plate to your account.

  • Q: I’m applying for an E-way Regular account and can only add four vehicles online. How do I add more?

    A: Complete the online application. Then contact us with your new account number to request additional vehicles and / or tags or use your account number to login and manage your vehicles and tags anytime.

  • Q: How do I know if my online application completed successfully?

    A: Once you click "finish" on the confirmation page, you will then see the last page with application completed. An email will be sent informing you of your account number.

Business solutions

  • Q. What can E-way do to assist with my business tolling needs?

    A. We can cater for any size business, tailoring our service to suit your needs.  Talk to us about whether our Regular account would best suit, or whether you need a Commercial account to manage tolls for your whole fleet.

  • Q. Why should we consider E-way for business tolling?

    A. E-way is the longest running tag provider, offering many years of experience.  We're reliable so you can depend on us to be on time and accurate.  Plus we are flexible so you can talk to us about the particular needs of your business.  

  • Q. What do you offer that stands out from competitors?

    E-way has a proven reputation for reliably meeting the specific needs of customers.  We've been known to think outside the square to manage tolling in a way that meets the goals of our business partners.  

  • Q. Which businesses use E-way?

    A. We manage accounts for small privately owned businesses right through to large government departments, road shipping companies and car hire or leasing agencies.  

  • Q. What reporting do you offer?

    A. We provide your tolling data in tailored formats as convenient ready reports, and data for manipulation.  

  • Q. Are there guidelines for businesses that suit or qualify for your Commercial account?

    Yes, E-way's Commercial account would generally suit businesses that spend $1000+ a month in tolls.

Toll notices

  • Q. I have an account. Why have I received a toll notice?

    A. You may have received a toll notice because your vehicle registration details were not recognised and matched to your account or there is a problem with your tag or toll account.   Please contact us.

  • Q. How do I query a toll notice?

    A. Follow the instructions on the toll notice.  Note that there may be different instructions for each notice if you have one for more than one toll road.  

  • Q. How do I pay a toll notice or late toll?

    A. If you haven’t organised to pay within 3 days of your first trip you will be issued a notice to pay the toll which will include an administration fee of $10 or $20. To pay, follow the instructions on the notice. If you are late paying an M5 only trip and have not yet received a toll notice click here.

  • Q. How do I use a virtual tag number to pay a toll notice?

    A. If you've chosen a Regular account without a tag you'll have a virtual tag number that you can use to pay a toll notice.  You'll find this in 'Tags and number plates' when logged into your account.  When the form to pay a toll notice asks for the tag number, use the last eight digits of your virtual tag number (starting with '8'). 

NSW Government M5 South-West Cashback and Toll Relief schemes

  • Q. What is Toll Relief?

    A. It is a NSW Government scheme that may enable some customers to claim one free or half-price) rego.  Rules apply.  Visit the Service NSW website to find out how Toll Relief works and get answers to frequently asked questions.  You are automatically registered for Toll Relief.

  • Q. How do I qualify for a free or half-price rego through Toll Relief?

    A. You need to check the full conditions on the Service NSW website. However in brief you need to have spent $1300 in trips in a financial year using your main tag (or $780 for half-price).  Trips on the M5 South-West Motorway don't count if you are registered for Cashback.  

  • Q. How do I know how close I am to $780 or $1300, or if I've earned a rego offer?

    A. There's a personalised tool that shows what your tally is, whether there's a free rego to claim, and which regos you can choose between when you log into the Service NSW website choose the 'Toll Relief' service in your 'Services' box on the dashboard.  

  • Q. How do I use my free or half-price rego?

    A. There's an automatic option when you qualify and you go to renew a registration.  Don't forget, you don't have to use it for the first rego due that year - you can choose which vehicle you apply it to - as long as the vehicle is listed on your E-way account.  

  • Q. My renewal is due, but I can't automatically see a rego offer, what do I do?

    A. You need to pay your registration renewal by the due date.  After that you can submit a claim to Service NSW for reimbursement or special consideration.  Log into the Service NSW website, choose the 'Toll Relief' service in your 'Services' box on the dashboard, and click 'Apply' for the reimbursement form.  

  • Q. M5 South-West trips - should I use the M5 Cashback OR the Toll Relief scheme?

    A. You need to work out whether there's more value to you to get your cash back on your M5 South-West trips, or to have them add toward the $780+ needed for a rego offer.  If you keep using Cashback, trips on other toll roads will still count toward Toll Relief.  If you opt out of Cashback it's only trips from the time you opted out that will go toward Toll Relief (you can't back date them, whether you've claimed them through Cashback or not).    

  • Q. What is the M5 South-West Cashback Scheme?

    A. It is a NSW Government scheme where trips on the M5 South-West, excluding GST, can be claimed for a Cashback for eligible drivers.

  • Q. How do I know whether I am registered or not?

    A. When you log into your E-way account, if you are registered you'll see a blue 'CLAIM M5 CASHBACK' button at the top of the Statements & Cashback page.  There you'll also find a box to tick to opt in or out.    

  • Q. Does Cashback apply on any other toll roads?

    A. No.  The NSW Government Cashback scheme does not apply to trips on any other toll roads, including the M5 East and the M4.

  • Q. Who is eligible to claim M5 South-West Cashback?

    A. Under the NSW Government M5 South-West Cashback Scheme you can claim back your M5 South-West tolls (excluding GST) if:

    • You are a NSW resident
    • You are driving a vehicle registered in NSW for private use, pensioner or charitable use.  Trips made using government or business registered vehicles (including vehicles provided as part of a salary package), leased vehicles, rented vehicles, smash repair courtesy vehicles, car dealership loan vehicles, interstate registered vehicles or any other vehicle where business usage is shown on the registration papers, for example 'business general' or 'primary producer' are ineligible.
    • You have an electronic tag account that is registered for Cashback
    • You have paid M5 South-West tolls with using a NSW issued electronic tag
    • You have submitted your claim within twelve months of the close of the Cashback quarter.  Claims received more than 12 months after the close of each quarter will not be accepted.  
  • Q. How can I claim the M5 South-West Cashback

    A. You claim your Cashback every three months by clicking ‘Claim Cashback’ when you are logged in, or by sending a signed form to TfNSW. Rebates must be claimed within 12 months of the end of the Cashback quarter.

  • Q. I like to get my statements in the mail. Can I still claim Cashback online?

    A. Yes. Even though you receive paper statements you can still log-in and use the ‘Claim Cashback’ button to securely access and claim your Cashback trips online.

  • Q: How do I register my tag account for M5 South-West Cashback?

    A: You can select ‘Yes’ to register for Cashback when you open an account, or log into your E-way account and tick the box at the top of the Statements & Cashback page.

  • Q: Who do I contact with any other Cashback questions?

    A: For additional information about the M5 South-West Cashback scheme, or to enquire about a lodged Cashback rebate, please contact TfNSW M5 South-West Cashback Office on 1300 133 310 or email

Using your tag at Sydney airport

  • Q. How do I find out about Sydney Airport parking?

    A. Visit Sydney Airport's pick up page.

  • Q. How do I identify payments for Sydney Airport on my E-way statement?

    A. The lane information for the trip will have the code 'SAB'

  • Q. Who do I contact to query transactions at the Sydney Airport?

    A. You can provide the details direct to Sydney Airport using this form

  • Q. Do I have to use my tag for short term parking?

    A. You do have to use your tag to access and pay for 'Priority pick up', however you can still park for free for 15 minutes, a short walk from the terminal, in ‘Express Pick Up’. 

  • Q: How do I know I've entered an area where my tag will be charged?

    A: You'll see an 'E' sign before accessing the parking area.

Contacting us by email or web (including log-in)

  • Q. You have told me you’ve emailed, but I don’t have the email

    A. We recommend you check your ‘junk’ mail and add  to your trusted or safe list.  If you’re using a work email address, please check whether the firewall settings may prevent the email getting to you.   If using a mobile device, ensure there are no syncing or mail box limit issues.

  • Q. I’m having trouble accessing your website, what should I do?

    A. Our website works best with the latest version of Google Chrome.  Check to see if you have the latest version of your browser installed.  Clearing your browsing history may also help.

  • Q. How can I reset my password/PIN?

    A. You can select the ‘Forgotten Password’ link and you will be asked to enter your email address and account number.  A new temporary password will be emailed to you.  Please note that your PIN used to access online services may differ to your telephone 4 digit PIN.

  • Q. I can’t remember my account number, what can I do?

    A. You will find your account number at the top of your statement or within an email we have sent you.   You can also email us or telephone us on 1300 555 833 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday. We’ll provide your account number once we verify your identity. 

  • Q. I want to reset my password, but I can’t remember which email is linked to my account.

    A. Please email us  or call us on 1300 555 833 between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.  We’ll provide your email address once we verify your identity. 

How to close an E-way account

1. Tell us you're closing the account
  • Incude a note with any tags you are returning OR
  • Contact us with your account number, name and address details
2. Return any tags
  • By mail to E-way, Reply Paid 61028, Moorebank, NSW, 1875
  • By reporting them as lost or stolen (note a $20 lost or stolen fee, or forfeit of the tag deposit, may apply).  To report login, choose ‘TAGS & LICENCE PLATES’ on the left hand menu & 'FAULTY/LOST/STOLEN TAGS’ from the top menu, click 'Tag lost' or 'Tag stolen' button. 
3. How refunds will be made
  • Tag deposits are refunded when we receive your tag.  They go into your E-way account balance if the account is still open, or into the bank account or credit/debit card you gave us to pay your account
  • E-way account balance is refunded two weeks after you request the account closed.  (This gives time to pay recent trips).  It goes into the bank account or credit/debit card you gave us to pay your account 
Tip: Are you owed a refund?  Make sure your payment details are up to date.

Understanding E-way statements

  • Q. What do the motorway codes mean?

    A. They identify the motorway charging each trip.

  • ALM7 Airport Link M7
    BAC Brisbane Airport
    CCM Cross City Motorway
    CL7 Clem 7
    EHML M2 Express Lanes
    ELK Melbourne EastLink
    GBB Go Between Bridge
    LCT Lane Cove Tunnel
    M1 Eastern Distributor/Airport Motorway
    M2 M2 Hills Motorway
    M4WCX M4 WestConnex
    M5 M5 South-West Motorway
    M7 WestLink M7
    MCL Melbourne CityLink
    QML Queensland Motorways
    SAB Sydney Airport Bus-Limousine
    SAT Sydney Airport Taxis
    SHB Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Q. What does LPN mean?

    A. Licence plate number.  Also referred to as your ‘number plate’ or ‘rego’.

  • Q. What does ‘Lane’ mean in my trip listing?

    A. This is the lane you were travelling in on the motorway when your trip was registered.

  • Q. What does ‘Class’ mean in my trip listing?

    A. Class refers to the type of vehicle travelling on the motorway. A or 2 = car and B or 0 = heavy vehicle. Check NSW definitions See QLD definitions.  See VIC definitions.

  • Q. Where on my statement can I find the number plates linked to my account?

    A. A table titled ‘LPN Register’ will appear if you have number plates linked to your account.  Go to ‘My account’ to add or change vehicles linked to your account.

  • Q. Why can’t I see all of the vehicles linked to my account?

    A. If you have more than 20 vehicles linked to your account, go to ‘My account’ to see the full list or make any changes.

  • Q. How can I tell if I am due to claim M5 South-West Cashback?

    A. The NSW Government ‘Cashback online claim’ website tells you whether you have unclaimed quarters. Get to the website by clicking ‘Claim M5 Cashback’ on your statement page.  Also, if you are registered for Cashback and did a trip on the M5 South-West you’ll get a ‘Cashback Transaction Listing’ from us when it’s time to claim Cashback.

  • Q. What does CR mean against my account balance on my statement?

    A. If your statement displays CR next to the account balance, it’s showing you the balance is positive.  You have funds in your tag account.

  • Q. What does DB mean against my account balance on my statement?

    A. If your statement displays DB next to the account balance, your account is in debit.  If it’s a pre-paid account you need to contact us to get your account back in order or you may be charged extra fees.

  • Q. How can I update the tag name for a LPN I have removed from my account.

    A. Go to ‘My account’ to update the details under the ‘Tags & Vehicles’ option.

  • Q. Why can I still see trips against a vehicle I have sold?

    A. Be sure you have removed the LPN from your account and if you have customised the tag name, go to the ‘Tags’ page to ‘edit’ it.

  • Q. Where can I see my tag deposit(s)?

    A. Please contact us to confirm the tag deposits you have paid.

  • Q. What do the fee codes mean?

    A. View fee and charge descriptions for each account type.

  • Q. How can I switch to electronic statements?

    A. Go to the ‘My account,’ ‘Statement delivery’ page to choose how to receive statements.  

  • Q. Can I receive an invoice instead of a statement?

    A.  No – we generate a monthly or quarterly statement.  We do however, provide personalised support for business customers.  Contact us to to see how we can assist.