Community partner

Interlink Roads, owner and operator of both E-way and the M5 South-West Motorway is proud to be a part of the South West Sydney community.

The M5 is an important part of Sydney’s infrastructure and road network, linking the City with South West Sydney and beyond. We are proud to give back to our local community, and are engaged in a number of Community Partnerships within the South West Sydney region primarily in the areas of the environment, health, education and children’s services.

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Apply for sponsorship

  • If your organisation would like to be considered for sponsorship by Interlink Roads, please submit the following information:

    • Description, purpose and background of the organisation
    • Full details of the proposed project and timeframe
    • Amount of funding required and budget, including any current or proposed co-funding arrangements
    • The target market/audience
    • How the organisation plans to advertise and promote the event/program
    • A full list of current or previous supporters (if any)
    • List of current Board or Committee members (if any)
    • List other sponsors involved and the levels/hierarchy

Submissions can be made by email to Marketing & PR Manager,