Register and claim cashback/toll relief

How to claim

M5 Cashback Toll Relief
  • Claim quarterly when you get your statement (or in April, July, October and January for monthly statements).
  • Login, click 'Statements and Cashback’ on the left hand menu and click the blue 'CLAIM M5 CASHBACK' button (Not there? Tick the box to register for Cashback).
  • Rebates must be claimed within 12 calendar months of the end of the M5 Cashback quarter.
  • If there's more than one vehicle on your account, make sure all the users of your account know your plan for the free rego
  • Claim once a year at registration renewal time for the vehicle you've decided will get the free or half price rego
  • The vehicle needs to be listed on your E-way account
  • You'll automatically get the offer to use the free or half price rego in the renewal process

Registering for the schemes

M5 Cashback Toll Relief

Log into your E-way account to see whether you are registered for Cashback.  On the Statements & Cashback page you can also tick a box to opt in or out of Cashback. 

You're automatically registered for Toll Relief.

If you don't have an E-way account (eg. you have a tag from Linkt, Roam Express or E-Toll), you will need to contact your tag provider.