Welcome! To open E-way's Beep 'N Pay tag account you'll need:

  • Your number plate details (Note: Beep 'N Pay has a limit of one car)
  • Credit card details
  • $35 account opening fee (includes etag)

Only pay tolls when you use a toll road!

Etags work on all Australian toll roads so you're covered for Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC and Brisbane QLD.

Step 1: Contacts & vehicle

(*) Mandatory field

* Delivery Method

Mail Delivery

Your order will be delivered by Australia Post, either to your address or to the Post Office for collection (in which case you will receive a card from Australia Post).

*Do you want to nominate some-one else to access your account?
* Is your vehicle a motorcycle?
* Will you be claiming M5 Cashback?

(NSW privately registered vehicles only)