Welcome! To open E-way's Beep 'N Pay tag account you'll need:

  • Your number plate details (only one car allowed)
  • Visa/Mastercard credit/debit details
  • Funds available every time you use a toll road
  • $35 account opening fee (includes tag)

To cover more than one car, or set aside funds for tolls, go for our Regular account.

Tags work on all Australian toll roads so you're covered for Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC and Brisbane QLD.

Step 1: Contacts & vehicle

(*) Mandatory field

* Delivery Method

Mail Delivery

Your order will be delivered by Australia Post, either to your address or to the Post Office for collection (in which case you will receive a card from Australia Post).

*Do you want to nominate some-one else to access your account?
* Is your vehicle a motorcycle?
* Will you be claiming M5 Cashback?

(NSW privately registered vehicles only)